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CASE Clamps

Fully automatic or semi-automatic presses that can be quickly adjusted for high production rates. 

With technology based on electronic vector control, we have the perfect solution, from isolated workstations to assembly lines with high production rates.




  • We are specialists in developing customized solutions for your specific needs.

  • Our team is specialized in 3D design for manufacturing and machinery automation; so we can offer the development of integral solutions.

  • From the manufacture of the transport elements to the deployment and integration in the production system, DYNMA puts our technical department at your disposal  to design a tailored solution, according to your production needs and adapted to the space of your factory.

DOOR Series

Designed to fully optimize available factory space, our rotary presses, with multiple assembly stations, allow continuous operation while the glue is drying. The use of a single fix bolts will allow the adjustment cylinders in any direction.


BOX Series

Servo-electronic or pneumatic clamps to assemble drawers and furniture doors. Highly responsive, quickly adjustable, with a fast locking system in order to assemble drawers and furniture doors with wide variety of dimensions, in shorter times.


Carpentry Works

Hydraulic heavy presses specially designed for lipping and carpentry work with solid woods.

For the production of laminated beams and for all kinds of edge joining works.


RT Series

These conveyor units enable, in an easy, fast and straightforward way, the return of panels, including of large dimensions, from an edgebander to the operator, saving time and improving efficiency.

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